Outsourcing Lead Generation Comes Cheap But with Many Price Tags

These days, when something is cheap, people already start doubting its quality. It’s hard to blame them given that you live in an age of bootleg DVDs, cellphones, and God knows what else rips people off.

This mentality also extends to B2B products and services. Lead generation for example gets cheaper when you’re not invested in training and management of your marketing staff. That however doesn’t put a single price tag on it or else there wouldn’t be so many vendors.

The B2B marketing industry is a thriving one but that also means a price war is clearly brewing. One thing hasn’t changed though. Price wars often lead to very misleading price tags among them. While one service is cheap because they are truly cost-effective, there are others that are the B2B equivalent to knock-off gizmos.

It doesn’t help that there are plenty of vendors out there. How do you screen them all? Luckily for you, here are three ways to make sure outsourcing lead generation stays cheap but effective.

  • Ask about their edge – Don’t be afraid to ask what makes them cheap. One of things that define business in the 21st century is information. Information has taken the control away from vendors and towards customers. More than that, vendors use this to their own advantage. You can bet that if you’re going to demand more information of what makes them ‘cost-effective’, they’ll give you the whole tour.
  • Be subtle with suspicions – If you’re going to suspect that there’s something a sales rep or a marketer isn’t saying, this is where you need to be subtle about it. Read up several reviews, look up their locations, and check if their style of cost-cutting has actual shortcomings. Avoid giving the impression that you’re giving them the third degree.
  • See if the cuts will really bite back – Now even in the event that their cost-reduction methods prove a little less than perfect, it’s not a reason to say no. What it really means is that you need to look far ahead. Don’t be one of those decision makers that run away at the sight of imperfection. Ask yourself if their management policies, work force, or their lead generation strategies will actually harm your business directly.

Now on that last note, sometimes it’s hard to keep screening when your own sales rep are getting desperate for leads. That’s why at the very least, even in the event that an outsourced company doesn’t use the best way to cut corners, you pick the one that won’t undermine their efforts.

In the end, that’s the key when you’re faced with so many price tags. If you’re money’s only enough for outsourcing, make sure you don’t pay a company that ends up costing more right after you buy. (Which is often the case of those who buy bootleg.)

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