Outsourcing: Your Ticket To a Holiday Break from B2B Marketing

‘Tiiiis the season to be… well, you know the song. With Christmas just a few days away, everyone’s been settling down to get some quality time with the special people in their life. At least, that’s what they’re supposed to do.

The reality though is that not even the holiday spirit is a bona fide cure for workaholicism. Ironically, some of these people are pouring the extra hours just so they could get their kid an iPad. You think playing World of Warcraft can chain somebody to a screen? In America, around 57% of the population take holidays off while places like Japan or Australia have an even lower 30-40%.

It’s stats like these that can make outsourcing an ideal solution for freeing up their labor. Since the early 21st century, it’s been regarded as a cost-saving tactic and hence, why that also makes it a good way to get more time off. You can earn more by simply paying third-party companies, virtual assistants, or freelancers to do a part of your work for a lower rate. If you’re offshoring to a developing country, that rate can even give someone a better livelihood.

Even in marketing, your jobs are actually a compilation of smaller tasks to support the main task. This means that they can be broken down with some of them small enough to be outsourced. Here’s a quick list of examples and some statistics proving how tedious they can be:


  • Email – Emailing is known as one of the most time consuming activities when it comes to work. If you’re running an email marketing campaign, this means taking the time to compose them, send them, as well as managing replies. Wouldn’t you just rather focus on pursuing the leads found in your emails?


  • Managing Calls – The same applies when you’re telemarketing. A dedicated call center can do a better job of screening prospects and getting basic information compared to you just manually dialing for hours just by yourself. They’re arguably more flexible too, being available 24/7 and capable of contacting businesses in different time zones.


  • Organized Schedules – Most people spend an average of 7-8 hours coordinating appointments and another to accomplish other tasks. An outsourced appointment setting service can take those hours with some of them even boasting their own CRM capacities. This means the only thing your salespeople have to worry about is actually getting to that appointment.


  • Task Management – If you’re handling a multi-channel campaign, it gets much harder with a single person. Whether it’s email, telemarketing, or even social media, you need someone focused on just one (not to mention someone else to qualify all the potential leads coming through).


  • Social Media – Speaking of which, social media is another time consuming activity that takes about 30-40 minutes to 1-2 full hours. Sites like Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, and Twitter all need individual attention but at the same time, integration. Updates and press releases need to be announced across all of them. At least, as far as maintaining them goes, you shouldn’t trouble yourself with all the piloting.


Now it’s not surprising that all these marketing activities can be quite addictive (especially when you end up accomplishing so much at the end of the day). But like achievements on Halo, the grind could eat you up. Outsourcing can make it easier your for you to unplug and actually enjoy a holiday break.

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