Remaking Old Lead Generation Techniques Like they Do Old Myths

Since time immemorial, Hollywood has stopped throwing out remakes and sequels to old myths like Hercules. But while there’s a lot of throwing out the old and putting in the new when it comes to remakes, some things stay a whole lot the same.

Likewise, many lead generation methods are just simply remaking themselves in order to reach newer generations of business organizations. This time the era is defined by a massive exodus towards digital (online, social, mobile etc).

But as always, many are still striving to keep up with the giants in their industry. Digital marketing is just an entirely new playing field. The good news though is that the changes offer smaller competitors to move in before the large ones start getting their bearings.

Start small

Do you remember how Disney’s Hercules was heading to Thebes? First he tries pitching himself the old-fashioned way. It doesn’t work.

But hey, at least he caught Meg’s attention right? In the same sense, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to spark some interest the old fashioned way. Brochures for example. They might lose out easily to online marketing tactics such as email. You can even say they’re not as eco-friendly.

Take your website out of the equation however (as is sometimes the case on the web) and where does that leave your prospect? Remember, digital marketing is but the resulting response of prospects looking for quickest access to the most relevant information. When the power’s out, it’d be useful if they at least had that information on something that doesn’t run on it.

Don’t just move fast

If the Greek gods had Hermes, you’d see your own messenger in e-mail and SMS. However, what’s the only real difference between them and regular mail? It’s just the speed. You’re still basically sending the same pitches, the same content, and the same offers.

This isn’t really bad in of itself. It’s just that speed isn’t the whole solution. With spam filters filling up as much as real mailboxes, it goes to show that speed doesn’t help when the message is ultimately irrelevant. Don’t just move fast. Keep a sharp eye one what your target market is looking for in terms of content.

Keep your message alive

Hercules’s legend and his labours have never been forgotten because there was so much done to keep it alive. A constellation was name in his honor. The Disney version even had endorsing his own merchandise! Likewise, do what it takes to keep your business often on the minds of your prospects. Use a bit of merchandising of your own if you have to. It doesn’t have to be completely tacky. You can go long by just giving away pens with your contact information or a simple app that complements your technology.

Keep in touch

The ancients built temples because they thought such places would help them keep in touch with the gods. The Disney version certainly took this to a literal level (with Zeus possessing his own statue every time Herc paid a visit). Paganism notwithstanding, it does make sense to have some means of keeping in touch to catch up with your prospects.

Demonstrate live

Many depictions of Herc aren’t shy of making a big show out of all his feats. Otherwise, how would anyone believe what he was capable of?

This extends to not just mythological heroes but also to businesses. Making a big show out of your products can work to your benefit. Demonstrations and trial runs during live events give your prospects harder proof that you’re not entirely just full of pitches and advertising.

So as you can see, plenty of the stuff being discussed merely shows how much marketing changes on the surface but the old objectives remain. Each time new technologies and new methods arise, always remember these basics. It will help you align and remake these methods to work in your own divine favor.

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