IT Sales Leads and the History of Product Announcements

Before the actual release of a product, it’s only natural that you make it a big announcement so that everyone can prepare when it comes out. IT marketers use such announcements to generate more sales leads every time they go to an event.

So how long has this been the norm in tech and other business industries? Here is a brief history on major product announcements in recent years and how they shaped the events they were made in:


AnnouncementA good start would be Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC for short). Ever since Steve Jobs presented the iPod in 2007, there’s been a full 360 shift towards the mobile device market. This was where visions of today’s smartphone culture were just being made.


Another famous event was the Consumer Electronics Show as it became the battlefield for the smart-device competition started by Apple. And while Jobs gave the world the iPod, it was Google that drove the innovation of smartphones and defined the shape of the competition. (That’s a long way from its humble beginnings as a search engine company.)

Google’s acquisition of Android led to the creation of its eponymous OS and to an extent the slew of apps associated with it. The triune efforts of Google, Android and Samsung were the first to define the needs of a mobile market from the consumer level all the way up to enterprise.

San Diego Comic-Con

Of course, it’s not just the tech industry that has a handle on defining business conventions with milestone product launches. Another example just concluded last week in an industry that rivals tech in terms of following (and flair).

Plenty of anticipated movies, games and other media titles were announced at Comic-Con. From Microsoft’s latest work on the Halo series and Michael Bay’s controversial involvement with the recent TMNT reboot. (Oh and don’t forget: Age of Ultron)

There are a lot of other events out there where they market the next development in their respective industry. From entertainment, electronics, sports, health to even military, all these not only spark huge interest from potential customers but also inform them so they can start on their buying decision.

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