Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Smart When B2B Prospecting

There isn’t any problem with being smart. It’s just, all becomes different when there’s the word too added before it. You might already be on the idea of too much love will kill you. Well, in this case, being too smart kills your B2B prospecting.

B2B marketing of course, requires you to be into the lines of intelligent and clever. That doesn’t only speaks for your B2B marketers and salespeople, but for your B2B prospecting strategies as well. However, when being too caught up with the notion, the boundary of being smart and being too smart diminishes.

Remember KISS? The one that says ‘Keep it simple, stupid’? But what exactly is simple? Say you’re running a social media campaign and what you’ve done so far is to post humble advertisements and a few articles, is that it? Or is it a smart move that doesn’t go overboard to the point of ruining your B2B prospecting?

Well it might as well be. You can’t be too simple when trying to get your target prospects become your lead. You can’t be too smart either because, well apparently:

You’re not smarter than anyone

Appearing and talking like you know the ins and outs of your services can leave such an advantageous impact to your prospects. However, when you start to sound like a bragging mess even when talking to the phone will have your prospect thinking ‘run, Forest, run’. That’s the last thing you want to do. Your prospects want you to tell them what they want to know, that doesn’t mean you should tell it in a way that looks like you’re a show off.

You can’t do everything on your own

You just can’t. Besides, doesn’t that sound too lonely? Not mention it’s not going to be of help in the long run. The thing with the not know-it-all people is that they know how to enclose themselves with smart people who knows the job. You don’t expect getting all that B2B sales all on your own, do you?

Your campaigns can’t be too smart either

Chances are, if your campaign is too smart, it will most likely become an ambitious move. You know too well that unclear goals results to failure, how much more a too ambitious one?

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