Spreading Fortune with Your Marketing Emails

New Year doesn’t always end on January 1. Just ask the Chinese. But speaking of which, ever heard of angpao? In Cantonese, it literally means “red packet” and is meant to symbolize good luck and fortune (with money inside to prove that point).

Do your marketing emails stand for the same thing? Will it represent prosperity and productivity to your B2B prospects… or are you just looking to waste more of their money?

Remember that Chinese New Year also means the whole season is still kicking. What does that mean for your prospect’s schedule? It could mean plenty for both your email marketing and appointment setting strategy. So if you want your emails to be just like those little red packets, here’s how to show their fortune.


Complementary Approach

Post-New Year, expect many to head back to work. That means the whole of the working world is going to be extremely busy (the road traffic doesn’t help either). With their minds tied to this atmosphere, you’d best resonate with it by showing products and presentations that match.

Think of it like how Chinese New Year is also a bit about Chinese Astrology. Things need to match (with this year’s lucky elements being Earth, Wood, and Fire). Set appointment dates that match along with their schedule. Understand the unique traits of prospects as folks would zodiac personality traits. This will help you send messages that can match their specific business/industry needs.


Courteous Reminders

Most people that move on to the New Year tend might forget the good things that still occurred in the previous one. Why not remind them your current customers by thanking them for that year? This can set the tone for what future business you have in store in 2014.

That’s not the only purpose of a reminder though. You also send reminders regarding any upcoming appointment. But how do you do that without putting on pressure?

Simple, be mindful and send those reminders in a timely manner. Keep in mind the season you had set the appointment in so that you won’t get any negative feedback. It’s important to keep track of customers because they could be prone to misses and delays since they’re all so busy getting back.


The most crucial part of email engagements are to consistently entertain and cater to your customer’s needs while being mindful of workplace culture. The start of the New Year is a time when everyone’s at their busiest. Turn your emails into this little packets of fortunes so that your own marketing campaign starts the year right.

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