IT Stereotypes and Call Center Outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing stereotypes, there’s really a funny intersection between IT and offshore call centers. Sometimes it’s a wonder how people are still going at it when it seems like a joke.

But apparently, it doesn’t make the relationship between both industries any less time and cost efficient. It’s all just a question of training your employees to identify the right questions with relevant replies.

Then again, maybe that’s the problem isn’t it?

AgentMemeWhen people call through a phone to find a solution, they don’t want to hear a machine. What they want to hear is a real person capable of sympathizing with human feelings and uses that to make technical solutions less stressful to hear (and execute).

That’s for the ideal so here’s what is NOT:

Avoidance Answers

Some call centers have a bad habit of training agents to answer a question with another question. When a prospect asks ‘Where are you?’ the answer they’d give is ‘What do you mean?’ or any other avoidance tactic. Not all call center workers may want to divulge that they’re in another country or not, so the response is intended to distract you from the issue at hand.

Repetitive Lines

Too much reliance on a script can cause call center agents to repeat what was just said. Sure, it may be because they want to clarify something. However, you can only clarify so much without aggravating the callers more and indicate that the agents are pretty much lost themselves.

Good communication is about speaking and listening. Giving a solution mindlessly and then just simply hearing how it doesn’t work is neither!

Like a Recording

A script isn’t always just another user’s manual either. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what some subpar organizations do (and worse if they can’t even tell whether they’re being used for telemarketing or customer service). You can tell by the long pause (or perhaps the shuffling of paper) before they finally just start reciting their response.

This kills a lot of opportunities whether it’s convincing an IT prospect to take the next step in the buying process or explaining the instructions to a customer.

You know it’s funny how all those stereotypes are based on the fact that there are just some agents out there who are helpless without a script.

Maybe that’s the real moral of the stereotypes.

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