Strategy – The Key to Outsourcing Non-Tech Marketers

Today, technology is simple enough that virtually anyone can outsource their work over the internet. A huge service industry has sprung up behind this and lets you find technical support, marketers, and content creators from pretty much anywhere. It’s like you no longer need so much time mastering marketing, technology, or any non-core function when you can just go online and look for a freelancer (or a company of them).

But as a business working in IT and tech, is it alright to outsource to a business that doesn’t necessarily specialize in it?

OutsourcingFreelancersThink about it.

  • Can anyone else really tell your story or create a product as unique as yours?
  • Can they really jive with your brand message? Personality? Voice?
  • Can they really connect with the crowd you’ve got your sights on?

Outsourcing is indeed a boon that keeps you from trying to do everything yourself. It makes it easier to be a one-person business or maintain a small company. It gives you more choice on where to grow your business and how.

The only problem is that how many of the people you’re outsourcing are well connected with your business?

This question actually goes back to you. What if you’re not a professional marketer or even a decent blog writer? Can you really make it online on just your tools? What if you’re actually doing quite well but have your hands full because of it? Outsourcing could be a cost-effective way to experiment with a new target market or pitching a new product.

To become an expert at anything would mean you’d have to stop being what you are now.  That’s quite a dilemma when what you are now is what your prospects pay you to be. That’s why outsourcing shouldn’t be without any strategy. How well acquainted is your vendor with your industry? What can they tell you about your target market that you haven’t figured out yourself?

The benefits that outsourcing provides essentially give you more time to work on the things that drive value to your business (personal value included). At the end of the day, that should be the core of your outsourcing strategy. It’s not about how much free time you got from no longer engaging in this or that type of activity. It’s about how much time you’ve invested in what you think matters in your business.


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