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Using the Appeal of Magic in B2B Marketing

At the rate that technology advances, one can look back and see that what sounded like magic then was now today’s science. Clarke’s Third Law rings loud and true in a lot of real life cases. It truly has transformed the way we understand the word ‘magic’ itself. Who knows what other feats we deem magical today could in fact be the product of tomorrow’s technology.

And yet, rarely is this discussed when it comes to using the magical appeal of technology for B2B marketing.

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Outsourcing Lead Generation Comes Cheap But with Many Price Tags

These days, when something is cheap, people already start doubting its quality. It’s hard to blame them given that you live in an age of bootleg DVDs, cellphones, and God knows what else rips people off.

This mentality also extends to B2B products and services. Lead generation for example gets cheaper when you’re not invested in training and management of your marketing staff. That however doesn’t put a single price tag on it or else there wouldn’t be so many vendors.

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Content Marketing Tips – Have a B2B Water Cooler

When you say water cooler at work, pretty much anybody employed in the office space can tell what it means. It’s that age-old business word that classifies the sort of small talk and small stuff workers do even while on duty. It’s that one category for topics that have nothing to do with your line of work or that of your company’s.

Although, have you ever wondered what would happen if you took all that and applied it to your marketing content? Try taking a quote just like the one here and putting it next your own company blog. You’ll get the idea.

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