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IT Marketing Tips – Give ‘Guidelines’ Instead of Rules

Every product or service comes with a set of rules that tend to ingrain in our minds from the moment we start using them.

However, these rules play an unsung role when introducing the new technologies that could potentially reshape everyone’s lives.

That role is to keep them from getting shunned too early when you introduce them to the market.

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B2B Marketing 101: New Products Start At the Bottom

Learning how to market a new product normally starts with selling directly to the end-users. It’s cheap; it’s direct; and lets you see for yourself if there’s a strong demand for your product.

The simplicity of it all also allows you to build more personal connections with customers by opening yourself for direct feedback.

There is one obstacle though and that is you still need to identify a target market and the right channel to start with.

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How to Arrange Your Multi-Channel Sources of Sales Leads

Every B2B organization has at least one valuable source for new leads. It can be networking, the internet, e-mail, direct marketing, or even all of them combined.

Despite that, you should never ignore the possibility of another untapped resource standing right outside the door, just waiting to be integrated into your greater marketing strategy.

We all would like to tap into the next most valuable source of sales leads one way or another.

Don’t a rush to blast calls or emails though. There’s no point reaching out to so many different channels if you only wind up repeating yourself to the same prospect.

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Where’s the CTRL+Z in Your Appointment Setting Campaign?

Miscommunication is still a natural part of appointment setting. Even in an age where technology vividly communicates our thoughts, users themselves still mess up with those very same devices. Words get chopped. Schedules get bugged. A bit of correction and repetition will always be in order at some point in your campaign.

But exactly how and how often do you have to clean up such a mess? It’s that not easy to always dive into your records and change information. Eventually, you’ll just have to push through regardless.

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Lead Generation and the Supervillain Market

There was a time when playing the villain was a bad thing. But apparently, a few marketing and business trends are actually capitalizing on casting the bad guy in a far-from-bad sort of light. Is this an angle that can help your lead generation strategy? (Or is it a scheme now?)

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