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IT Leads Found in Daydreams? 4 Reasons Why.

Daydreaming is typically associated with lack of productivity, poor performance, and poor job satisfaction. Although, that seems to be more from an HR perspective. Ever thought of seeing daydreams from a customer’s perspective? You might be surprised.

The content could describe your next set of IT leads.

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Content Marketing Tips – Have a B2B Water Cooler

When you say water cooler at work, pretty much anybody employed in the office space can tell what it means. It’s that age-old business word that classifies the sort of small talk and small stuff workers do even while on duty. It’s that one category for topics that have nothing to do with your line of work or that of your company’s.

Although, have you ever wondered what would happen if you took all that and applied it to your marketing content? Try taking a quote just like the one here and putting it next your own company blog. You’ll get the idea.

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