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IT Marketing Tips – Spider-shooters are Design Role Models

Technology can be a lot more prevalent than it lets on. Consider it another hallmark of how far it’s advanced. It’s kind of like Spider-man’s web shooters. Out of all his powers, his webs are the only things that haven’t always been an actual part of his mutation (instead, they’re produced by signature web-shooters he developed himself).

While Peter Parker’s gadget is still a little beyond current tech, tech itself is just as often taken for granted. Then again, maybe there’s some good in that. Sometimes it’s better to market tech as something that can work so naturally in the background that people don’t notice it’s there.

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IT Lead Generation Tips – See Your Tech Through Users’ Eyes

Last year, Google Glass’ beta took a lot of spotlight for its workplace applications (e.g. the doctor who performed a live surgery while presenting them to students and colleagues seven miles away). Others included teachers who saw the potential in presentations for students, technicians in oil fields, and even the military’s own development of similar technology.

And as of last April 15th, Google had announced that Cotton (the white-framed version of Google Glass) sold out in just a single day. This just further proved how many users aimed to utilize and improve the device for future developments.

Is Glass the only technology entitled to this type of testing though?

Glass has been proven helpful for video conferences, presentations, data mining, and monitoring by making those functions more hands-free. It couldn’t have done that though if the folks at Google didn’t put themselves in the same shoes as their target customers.

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