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Lead Generation: 5 ways to generate quality leads

Sending out hundreds of emails, printing flyers and blast yourself through the social media. But you still haven’t acquired what you’ve been looking for, Leads. Well, there are tons of ways to generate quality leads, so don’t give up and raise your head up high.

Here are some of it.

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Coping up with the Noise in Social Media Marketing

We all know that Social Media are meant for B2C marketing, but for some reason B2B companies tried it, and things began to be pretty complicated for regular web surfers.

Every Social Media Sites are packed with personas that marketers created to get prospects’ attention (Note: Everyone of us here are prospects) which always creates a lot of Noise due to Comment and Messages that persona’s sent.

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Aggressive telemarketing doesn’t get you anywhere

“No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.” – Emperor of china, Mulan

A quote that we all might have a different understanding or meaning behind it. But one thing is for sure, if a telemarketer is like Shan Yu, then you better be the emperor of China in that state, calm and fierce (In a way that you can talk about without getting angry or rude)

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When Your Sales Leads Turn Out to Be the Skywalkers

It’s hard to image Star Wars to be a family film in the strictest sense. It is however a film that greatly involves a family. (And if the upcoming Episode VII is any indication, it looks like they’ll be extended family involved.)

Knowing that, it kind of makes you wonder: How many family businesses have the same quirks? The same history? The same drama? It just goes to show that sales leads that have this particular business trait aren’t always of the same stripe as the Cleavers.

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When Your Sales Leads Are No Longer Free

Sometimes you can’t help but seek out the cheapest ways to promote your company and gain some traction as a thought leader. You put up a free blog, get a free account on some niche forum somewhere, or start attending tradeshows that don’t charge you for handing out business cards or brochures.

Eventually, some of your sales leads start to come in and it looks like your opportunities were practically free.

Fast forward. You’re now enjoying some moderate success. Your blog’s getting good online readership. Forums have become a source of marketing buzz. All of a sudden, you get a message saying that everything you’ve been using so far is no longer free. You will be now be charged to do everything that you used to do when your business was still flying off.

Is this fair?

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