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ERP Cloud service may help your business out.

Its tough when you’re just starting out, your thoughts always goes beyond, thinking of a way to start your businesses with a bang or even with a promotional give away. But that isn’t the case; you’re stuck with an empty room, no chairs, no tables and a flickering light above you. What will you do now? How will you run your company? You didn’t think things through; no doubt you’re just a beginner if you’ve felt this way.

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Lead Generation Tips – Winning with Awesomeness

B2B lead generation requires serious business proceedings and constitutes to the welfare of the global community.

Granted, it’s hard to imagine any case during those proceedings where arguments are invalid simply because another party asserts it so. That may work for those who watch Transformers 4 because of the Dinobots but can something like this happen even in the context of B2B?

Answer: Yes. Yes, it can.

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B2B Marketing Tips – Slip in to Watch the Game

One of Google’s recent World Cup doodles really strikes the B2B chord. It only goes to show that, even in the business world, global sporting events have an impact.

Now how can you take advantage of this using your B2B marketing strategy?

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Tech Lead Generation Tips – Fitting into the FIFA Fad is Easy

It’s not particularly hard to tie your tech lead generation campaign with the excitement surrounding the 2014 World Cup hosted in Brazil. After all, this only happens once every four years. It’d be a shame to run your marketing strategy knowing even B2B prospects could be secretly watching the game on their Android.

There are plenty of subject areas you can touch on as an IT company. On one hand, you have the technological innovations that are being used to improve play. On the other, you can simply take a look at what other lighter themes companies are employing just to show the world they’re not living under a rock.

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The Mars One Message for B2B Marketing

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away in a planetary system called Sol, one planet’s residents had the ambition to colonize it’s red, barren neighbor.

But as it turns out, they had only the means of reaching the planet but have no sure means of surviving neither the journey nor the harsh environment once they arrived.

The tragedy of the Mars One project represents a common B2B marketing problem within the tech sector: overestimation. It’s not just issues of miscalculations or bad quotes. It’s the sheer overestimation of what current technology can do.

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