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IT Lead Generators Struggle With ‘Future’ Knowledge

Days of Future Past isn’t the only summer blockbuster that plays with time travel. Edge of Tomorrow is experiencing its own huge box office numbers. What’s really funny is that both films also tackle the common problem of convincing someone in the past of a future event.

You might think it’s only natural because the future hasn’t ‘happened’ yet. Time travel logic aside though, it’s actually similar to another problem of IT lead generators. How many times have you tried convincing a decision maker to see something that you see?

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IT Lead Generation Tips – Lessons from Today’s Console Wars

Gaming consoles may be consumer products but the likes of Microsoft certainly don’t draw much distinction given that they’ve got hands in all areas of the tech market, B2C and B2B. That said, how can its recent actions in the Console Wars apply to your own tech lead generation strategy?

Recently, Microsoft has finally decided to drop the Xbox One price next week while unbundling itself from the controversial Kinect.

Despite its advanced features and game-changing potential, the inclusion of the Kinect in earlier Xbox packages only did more to hurt the console’s reputation. This however wouldn’t be the first time that otherwise successful technologies have hurt their brand images all due to bad bundling. What do they usually have in common?

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IT Lead Generation Tips – Knowing the Ends Don’t Justify All Means

The movie X-Men: Days of Future Past tells a classic morality tale that warns against knowing the solution without caring too much about the means to achieve it. And if you’ll pardon the spoilers, you will learn how the actions of a younger Magneto should serve as a warning to like-minded lead generation campaigns.

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Tech Lead Generation Tips – Find B2B Gems In Entertainment Events

What does tech lead generation have to do with entertainment? Given that the latter comprises multiple industries, the answer is already obvious.

Why then are events related to the entertainment industry, not treated as possible B2B marketing opportunities? You think Comic-Con and advertisers are the only ones that look good together? The tech industry has its own (and very sizeable) share of pop culture too. Events that bring in big gaming giants are just as much opportunities for players in its business space as it does the average fanboys.

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