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Strategy – The Key to Outsourcing Non-Tech Marketers

Today, technology is simple enough that virtually anyone can outsource their work over the internet. A huge service industry has sprung up behind this and lets you find technical support, marketers, and content creators from pretty much anywhere. It’s like you no longer need so much time mastering marketing, technology, or any non-core function when you can just go online and look for a freelancer (or a company of them).

But as a business working in IT and tech, is it alright to outsource to a business that doesn’t necessarily specialize in it?

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IT Marketing Tactics from the Google Glass Beta

It’s been over a week since Google launched a flash sale of their prototype wearable tech, the famous (or infamous, depending on your stance) Google Glass. The sudden and abrupt sale lasted only mere hours from the start of its public launch (right after a shortage of stock).

How is it that a device that’s been surrounded by so much controversy even manage to sell itself out? It wasn’t even a full launch and yet the numbers on the purchases are startling. What lessons can this teach other tech marketers out there?

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