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Direct Marketing: It’s Still About That One Small Push

During CES, Twitter wowed its business audience with a fully tricked-out hotel suite dedicated to demonstrating how the company intends to help marketers worldwide. It’s but one of the many technologies that have come to assist the age-old art of giving customers that one small push.

When you think about it though, wouldn’t it have been a waste if you did the same as Twitter but nobody attended? It only goes to show that the one small push is needed even when catering to a non-consumer audience.

Direct marketing has always been an effective tool in reaching out to potential and existing customers. It develops your relationship with them while maximizing their loyalty to your business. No matter what the age (or the technology), it still involves leaving a message where customers can contact you back resulting to a call-to-action response.

The one who spearheaded this method was Aaron Montgomery Ward when he conceived the revolutionary idea of using mail order catalogues during 1872. At first his ideas were labeled as foolish and didn’t receive much good reception. Ward persevered though until other marketers found and innovated his ideas which helped develop the entire industry and bring it to where it is today.

Much has indeed changed since Ward’s time but only the change that meant improvement. Since the internet was born, mailing and info ads were popularized as the large network became a quicker gateway to more response. But at the same time, greater volumes of information have led to a clear view of measuring their data.

The idea of giving that one small push has stayed the same. Only this time, it’s made up of three points:

  • Appeal – Highlighting your brand and contact information lets you distribute it by hundreds and thousands. And for everyone thousand, you have plenty chances at closing a sale. And if not, the results can still point out the areas that require improvement and lead to a more successful campaign.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Direct marketing can be a cost-effective solution to get your message to a larger group of prospects. A high response rate can cut the cost of printing for direct mail. Meanwhile email marketing is significantly less expensive than any printed material (even if response rates can become challenging). Either way, you get more for your buck each time you invest in acquiring the long-term business relationships you need.
  • Staying Connected – Regardless of industry, it’s a good way to keep communicating with your target market. (Information is the only thing that varies.) With the numbers coming in faster, you are closer to monitoring your B2B market in real-time and staying actively engaged in addressing their needs.

It sounds like a long way from what started with mail order. But like its inventor, direct marketing has persevered and will continue to adapt new technology all just to give prospects the one small push they need.