Targeted Sales Lead Generation – Your Own Monster Menagerie

The basic idea of targeted sales lead generation seems simple enough. You specify a particular persona as the one most likely to be your client.

However, to really appreciate the concept, think of it like the menagerie of monsters you usually see when it’s nearly time for Halloween.

When it comes to October, nothing represents the month more than Halloween (which is a little weird since it’s at the end of the month).

Then again, maybe that’s a good thing for fans of this 7-billion dollar holiday. They’ve got that whole month to watch horror movies, read some gothic fiction, and of course figure out what kind of monster they’ll be.

Some might think all horror monsters are the same. But guess what? That’s kind of similar to the mentality that thinks all sales leads are the same too. The only way to fix that is to really show appreciation for what makes them all different:

  • Figure out their schtick – A vampire is radically different from a zombie even though they’re both undead. Likewise, an insurance company differs from outsourced accounting even if they’re both tied to finance. When two parties fall under the same category, there is still something central about them that sets them apart.
  • Understand their weakness – Perhaps what sets one kind of horror from that of another is the means to defeat it. Werewolves have silver. Ghosts have ‘unfinished business.’ What about your prospects? What kind of flaw do you think they have and how can you set it apart from the rest? It’s a good way to know one buyer persona from another. Because if there’s one thing a weakness implies in business, it’s a problem you can help with.
  • They have a different backstory – Behind each horror story is always a tragedy. A ghost is the result of a grisly murder. A vampire is born out of a desperate, faustian bargain. Your own prospects have their own tragedies too. Not only will they tell what specific problems they have. You can identify a new niche once you start finding others with similar stories.

Both prospects and horror monsters come in all shapes ands sizes. But more than that, everyone likes it that way. To really appreciate targeted lead generation, you need to admire what makes your targets unique.

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