Tech Lead Generation and Tech Stereotyping

Outsourcing really brings out the tendency to stereotype. But if you think Indian telemarketers are the only ones with a short end of the stick, know that there are plenty of short sticks to pass around.

How many times have you seen freelance IT guys characterized as the fabled geeks living in their Ma’s basement? As much we all loved our Moms last week, isn’t it time to move past this stereotype?

Unfortunately, IT marketing and lead generation campaigns have to contend with the many executives who still haven’t.

nedryIn today’s business IT, you cannot separate the technical aspects from the business aspects. That’s the first thing your prospect needs to get their head around. Now why is this possible with your tech lead generation process? Easy. It’s a little thing called: Prospect education.

What is it? Its marketing speak for actually teaching your prospect to get them interested. (That’s not really rocket science either.)

The first steps to undoing the stereotype…

It’s easier to draw attention away from a stereotype when you expand your offers beyond what the typical IT guy does for business (be it inside or outside a company).

But more than that, you also expand beyond what you like as payment. If you’re an IT company expecting larger business deals than that of your local repair man, then stop giving them that impression. Don’t just ask for money. Use your marketing campaigns to generate recognition too!

For example, send a message to the non-IT world about how you work best with those who just want to get things done. When creating your qualifying questions, don’t just ask a prospect’s budget and authority. Check to see if they’re the kind to make impossible demands or are rational enough to consider more efficient solutions.

No amount of cash can substitute for the commitment needed between your IT services and your prospect.

This is just the first step mind you but at least, when you qualify your prospects based on their attitudes towards IT rather than how much they’ll just pay, it’ll be a lot harder to imagine you as just another geek in a basement somewhere.

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