Tech Lead Generation Tips – Find B2B Gems In Entertainment Events

What does tech lead generation have to do with entertainment? Given that the latter comprises multiple industries, the answer is already obvious.

Why then are events related to the entertainment industry, not treated as possible B2B marketing opportunities? You think Comic-Con and advertisers are the only ones that look good together? The tech industry has its own (and very sizeable) share of pop culture too. Events that bring in big gaming giants are just as much opportunities for players in its business space as it does the average fanboys.

In Japan, the famous, bi-annual Comiket draws in participants and visitors from both across the country and abroad. And with those numbers, the booths have been estimated to earn a combined total ranging between $200 to $300 million!

This resulted in the large convention turning into a hunting ground for new talent. Others had even used to start up their own publishing companies. You don’t hear things like this just from strictly B2B conventions. As far as tech is concerned, any event that deals with so much as using an internet connection should be fair game for you.

That doesn’t mean you should just simply attend whatever event’s been marketed towards you of course. You can make it more objective by asking yourself the following question:

  • Is it a source of new talent? – As stated before, events can be a sort of proving grounds for any tech or IT-related talent. This increases the likelihood of discovering and networking with possible prospects.
  • Does it help you find niches? – Sometimes you find your niche in the most unlikely places. Problems that gaming companies have between their customers could reflect similar problems even among professional business users of IT.
  • Can it generate marketing ideas? – There might a be significant difference between B2C and B2B marketing but many demand generation and Top-of-the-Funnel tactics are shared between both. What can an event teach you that you can apply to your lead generation campaign?

Not even the internet revolution has completely eliminated the traditional event as a marketing opportunity. But more than that, you don’t just find them in your typical suit-and-tie seminar. The realm of entertainment has its own hidden B2B gems.

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