Tech Lead Generation Tips – Yes, Promise Less Work

Technology is supposed to make tasks easier so more people can unwind. But at the same time, all the free time it creates can result in more boredom. And with boredom, we have a tendency to find something fun to do with it.

Thus, the cycle of innovation continues.

And today, that cycle might be a key to helping a world full of people using technology to pile up more work instead of enjoying less. Your tech lead generation campaign stands as the first step to that solution.

Most people struggling to achieve good work-life balance are neither lazy bums nor workaholics. They’re just regular people, from the ambitious Millennials to the single parents struggling to make ends meet. When you’ve put most of your energy establishing a career and surviving an ever-changing global market, it becomes hard to let go and unwind. It doesn’t matter how much work technology can save up, these people fear going off balance so they keep adding more.

Facebook addiction. Smartphone addiction. Internet addiction. All of these can make for potent distractions from relaxation, family time, and a lot of other things you wouldn’t think of putting on your resume. Having this balance means knowing how to switch off and actually carrying out that decision. Ironically, this means having absolutely zero sense of guilt about whether you actually struck this balance or not.

So how do you, as a tech business, present innovations from this sort of angle? Instead of tempting tech addicts to increase their load, how do you send a message that encourages them to take it easy instead?

  • Know their fix – Getting a sort of rush is always a first sign of addiction but not the whole of it. If satisfaction leads to a dependent anxiety (like when someone can’t rest until they checked their email), then you might want to tell your prospect to find other ways to get their fix.
  • It’s not about the numbers – Marketers who are pursuing socially responsible agendas like this don’t always make an overnight celebrity or activist. You have to be patient and consistent instead of constantly demanding when your ROI will start to reflect what you’re doing. Workaholics care about numbers too. Too much in fact.
  • See beyond selling – All marketers must be aware of the message they send to not just prospect companies but their respective employees. What you decide in your own meeting room could go a long way down to the guy working double shifts in your prospect’s firm.

Even if you’ve had a lot of marketing success so far, are you really taking a look at what your prospects are doing with the stuff you’re selling? Sure, it may not be entirely your responsibility but you still have control over the message you send. A business that uses tech to indiscriminately increase workload capacity would be less inclined if you send a message that says innovation was always meant to accomplish the opposite.

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