Telemarketing – A Big Way to Announce A Big Update

We live in an age where every update and piece of news is tailored to the things we only find relevant. This goes for the IT products and services of your company towards your customers. It can be a bit disruptive at first but people have quickly adapted to look out for any piece of info that could impact their daily routine.

It’s actually a two-way relationship.

On one end, your customers continuously check for updates regarding issues from your services. While on the other, you constantly check for feedback on those updates.

With that said, what’s the best way to approach them when your technology is in need of a massive overhaul?

Windows_98_-_Critical_Update_NotificationMost of the time, customers would simply prefer an email notification or some other automated message that they can review at their own pace.

That’s good when you want to give them control over when to consider an update. But if it’s for something bigger, something that would change the very face of your product, you might want to try something more direct like telemarketing.

So why telemarketing?

The sheer size of an overhaul is precisely why you’ll need more than simple email or website announcements. The weight of its importance means you need something just as heavy to get their attention. However, use it wisely since using the human voice in an age of visual communication can make it sound pretty dire.

One other reason could merely be the amount of mail your clients receive. Hundreds of emails are sent out every day so it’s very likely that it could end up buried and unnoticed.

How should it be done?

Remember that you are responsible for the products and services you hand out to your clients. When big change is in order, you need to keep everyone calm to avoid panic. No matter how important it could be, your clients still have a choice to not go through with it. The approach will determine how easily they’ll understand the situation.

This will help keep our reputation in the green (alongside quick response and resourcefulness of course). This would also draw in more prospects who’ve been waiting for major upgrades like this, adding them to your new list of dedicated customers. Don’t worry too much about negative comments as long as you keep it simple and convenient for them. Adding in more things they need to do will unnecessarily eat up their time and will cause more confusion. Finally, you should also prepare for the reviews and other forms of feedbacks once the overhaul’s done.

Always let your customers know about any major developments because you can never predict what kind of effect they will have on your current users. Telemarketing can speed up their preparation by adding an element of urgency to the situation. That way, the sooner your big overhaul is done, the sooner things can resume their normal routine.

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