A Telemarketing Survival Guide to Dead Subscribers

Subscription models can give you a lot of contacts but not so fast. You should always be on the lookout for dead subscribers’.

If you’re not careful, cleaning up your contact database can be like fighting an army of zombies.

That sucks when you’ve invested so much in acquiring a lot of contact information. The resources you’ve spent on sales, quality messaging, and even branding gets gobbled up by an undead horde of bad data. zombie02

Granted, you have just as much chance of finding survivors. But on the other hand, you’ve also got just as much chance tapping up a dead contact that either:

  • Eats up your time
  • Screams at you to never contact them again

Either way, dead is dead and you end up with a nasty bite to your business image.

That’s exactly why tools like telemarketing are a practical way to verify how ‘dead’ a subscriber is. Think about it. You’re letting them hear you over the phone. You’re simply asking them if they’ve unsubscribed. And then, that’s that. You end the conversation, hang up, and don’t harass the person any further.

Now that doesn’t mean your telemarketers should go at this unprepared. There are several preparations to make before going out and cleaning out those zombies.

Check your subscription model

Like any business model, a subscription-based one has its flaws. However, poor results are often the result of poor execution than the model itself. Take a closer look on how exactly you generate all this contact information. Do you make it easy or hard to place false information? Is it online or offline? All the questions must be answered before you look to your telemarketers to clean it up. It makes it easier for them to understand how a subscriber would ‘die’ in the first place.

Brace for several rounds

It’s ideal to expect new subscriptions everyday. What’s not is the fact that you can’t always tell your telemarketers to stop and say that’s the ultimate end of it.

As new entries come in, you’ll eventually need to clean through old contacts so that the dead contacts aren’t wasting any space in your database. A single telemarketing campaign may not even be enough to finish the job and you need several rounds before all bad information has officially been flushed out.

Have a checkpoint of sorts

Want more good news? At least it’s not as physically exhausting as fighting a real zombie horde. Between rounds, give yourself (and your telemarketers) a grace period to review the whole database. They’ll need it as it will show them how much more work they’ll need to prepare for.

After that, it’s just wash, rinse, and repeat. If you’re professional about it, the power of a real voice on subscribers can be quicker and coupling it with the right preparations ensure your telemarketers survive the clean-up better than other passive, indirect methods.

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