The Themes of Winter Soldier and Responsible IT Marketing

The second Captain America just came out and it’s already generating a fair amount of buzz. But while everyone’s talking about the different versions of Steve Roger’s notes, predictions for the next Avengers film, or the fact that Marvel seems more like an Apple fan, few seem to be talking about the trust and transparency issues S.H.I.E.L.D. itself represented in the film.

The movie has even been dubbed as a political thriller and really likes hammering the dichotomy between freedom and fear. Yet more importantly, it shows just how much technology is the hammer itself. In IT marketing, that entails a heavy responsibility.

FreedomFearThis might be a spoiler but the movie shows the two sides like this:

On one side you have those who fear the loss of freedom and make use of technology to protect it.

On the other, you have those you fear that freedom creates chaos and use the same technology to take it.

People have been advancing IT and other technologies to better inform and control their lives all to eliminate fear. But in the end, sometimes they just end up creating more things to be afraid of.

Look at Google Glass. It generated plenty of fear from people who didn’t want get videoed or their pictures taken without their notice. This is in spite of Explorers trying to tell people that it’s not that simple. (The quality isn’t so good and the maximum time for a video is 10 plus there’s a bright red LED when it records.)

Other devices received less flak but flak nonetheless, such as the new wearables featured in CES 2014. At least a few critics expressed some fear of everything turning digital like your fridge or microwave’s manual operations which foreshadow a Skynet-style takeover of your everyday life.

When presenting new technology, you need to prepare for even the slightest chance that people will fear its capacities (even those not even considered, much less feasible).

Sure you can just keep it all a secret or play dumb but that’s kind of what good ‘ol Cap will be warning about in the film: surrendering to fear.

The one true way is that you honestly say yours is a technology that shouldn’t be abused by anyone and make sure to mention all of those restrictions when presenting them. That’s one of the greatest responsibilities of every IT marketer (if not the greatest).

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