Things to Do as Your Outsourcing Program Loads

Outsourcing can be like the moment you boot up that long-awaited management tech that you’ve been asking your boss about. Before buying it, you watch sales presentations, read reviews, and after months of crunching budget numbers, you finally got everything built-in.

The system’s all patched and installed much like your successful outsourcing program. But just like any other heavy processing application, there will always be moments of having to sit back and wait.

It’s kind of like the loading screens in video games. Sure, outsourcing may not be as short as a minute or two. Still, ever wondered about what you could do as you wait for the desired result of your outsourced firm? Try applying the things you do while you had to sit back and wait for something.


Productive Produce:

The Meaning – When people are stressed and their thoughts starts to slow down, most people take in stuff that boosts the user’s productivity. Caffeine for example.

The Idea  – Boost your company’s productivity to increase efficiency. You might also want to create healthier work environments. Since the outsourcing firm has freed up all your heavy work, you can even take the time to adapt some of the methods they’re using to develop your business.


Fragging Fragmentations:

The Meaning – Sometimes why loading takes too long even if you have high enough specs. A common cause could be that program has too many fragmented files.

Most techies know this and that’s why they often start defragmenting (a.k.a. defrag) every now and then to restore their PC’s performance.

The Idea – Reorganize your scattered workforce. Putting them closer together can boost their performance quality and effectiveness while you wait for the results. No point outsourcing, say, your lead generation campaign when your sales team can’t deliver.


Innovative Initiative:

The Meaning – Game developers, for example, have taken initiative with how to keep their players seated. Take for example Battlefield 4, where they integrated the cut scenes as part of the loading process. The idea was to stay connected without feeling forced to watch as the story unravels itself (and prepare for the big shootout after the game loads).

The Idea – Take the initiative to innovate your services while waiting on your outsourcing firms. But at the same time, try to strengthen your relationship simply acknowledging their role in the process. Transparency is important when working with other companies to avoid miscommunication. This is good if you want to keep your focus on their activities without micro-managing them.


You don’t have to sit around at your desk until your data reports finally come in. Most people get up to grab a cup of coffee, oversee other areas of management, or even read the local paper for new business ideas. Get productive while you wait for the outsourced stuff to come in. Run your other projects or programs. It’s a lot better than just staring at white walls all day.

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