Using Donuts to Attract IT Leads

Can giving away free donuts generate IT leads for your company? Maybe not.

That’s not the only thing donuts are good for though.

Circulating the internet are some pics that use donuts as a funny analogy for certain topics. On one hand, you can use them to explain social media and on the other, philosophy. Kidding aside, they belie a very practical method that can help you attract more IT leads. If you’ve ever lost a prospect because your technology sounded too complicated, you won’t be the first. That’s why this method is perfect for you.

Simplifying something, in spite of all the exaggerations, actually drive the basic point of the subject.  And when your prospect gets the basics right, you’ve already removed a big obstacle in an industry where marketers scare off potential clients with heavy jargon and too much technical information.

In fact, several popular forms of B2B marketing can also be described using donuts:

  • Email marketing – “Click here to get a free dozen donuts at your local store!”
  • Social media – “Like this pic and use it to avail 50% on the featured donut!”
  • Event marketing – “Free donut samples! Fill up these forms and tell us what you think!”
  • Inbound telemarketing – “Hello! Dee Dee’s Donuts! Can I take your order?”

Granted, the comparisons are absurd, simplistic and hardly recommendable for an actual B2B marketing strategy. However, that’s not what they’re for. The purpose is of these analogies is to set the basis on which those oh-so-serious strategies shall rest upon.

It’s the same thing when any subject you have in the IT industry. In fact, don’t just stick to using donut analogies. Try to come up with other ways to really break down an idea or a concept and explain it like you would your average 9-year-old. Here are several marketing and content strategies you’d want to review:

  • Jargon is out, unless you come with a tiny dictionary – Avoid making excuses to use jargon. In fact, avoid them at all costs! But if you really have to, make sure it’s followed by a handy dictionary explanation.  Make it brief. Don’t expound upon it. Stick to using very few industry terms as possible. (Here’s a long list of examples for reference.)
  • Have a sense of (prospect-related) humor – You don’t have to make jokes about them, but do try to put a lighter spin on a prospect’s situation. (This is good in cases when they’re overreacting to a technical problem you’re more familiar with than they are.) It calms them down and can help them distinguish from the more serious cases.

Don’t rely on other departments to come up with simpler explanation for the products you sell. Otherwise, you might as well have them shoulder the burdens of marketing. It’s has and always should be the responsibility of lead generators to explain things in the simplest terms.

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