Using Lead Generation to Boost Your B2B Yard Sale

Yard sales can teach you two things about B2B marketing. The first is how to generate personal buzz just around your local neighborhood. The second is how to market stuff that’s just been sitting around in your basement/attic.

And like any business activity, these lessons are priceless for those who always want something to sell and sales-ready customers to sell to. So what are the factors of a successful yard sale and how do they translate into the B2B world?

  • YardSaleFocus on friends and neighbors – If you want to be popular, a social media presence is a must. Creating connections on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter help you identify the people in your neighborhood and how to connect with them.
  • Have some snacks – Okay, maybe not literally. Like real snacks, you need something to keep your visitors on site. Whether it’s online or during an event, a bit of entertainment can hold them just long enough for you to get them interested in what’s being sold.
  • Flyers – Don’t be afraid to hand out business cards or other materials bearing more information about your business. More specifically, you can use it as an opportunity to explain why you’re selling some of your old stuff.
  • Educational CTAs – Whether it’s emails or newsletters, CTAs are a staple if you want readers to actually convert. But at the same time, learn to give a bit more direction. Think of it like giving your prospects a map to the yard sale or a guide to the items being sold.
  • Give a little history lesson – Remember, you’re basically trying to sell products that have been sitting around in storage. Prospects may have forgotten about what they are or what use they have. Use your lead generation process to educate them and show they can still be used.
  • Try to bundle them – It’s like selling excess inventory. You need to come up with ways to sell off the things you haven’t sold yet without making it look like you’re just trying to get rid of it. Give value to the stuff that’s in your B2B yard sale by presenting it under a new perspective or alongside a new marketing campaign.

Finally, one more reason for yard sales is to clean up clutter. In your case, your B2B marketing services could use a lot less of it once you’ve finally managed to sell it all off. Take advantage of the free space before it gets cluttered up again!

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