Using Outsourced Lead Generation to Strengthen Old Ties

Getting new customers isn’t always what an outsourced company is good for. But of course, it does seem like a natural fit. You’re targeting a new market. You don’t know anything about them. The unexpected overhead could drive you nuts. You’ll at least lose a lot less in a marketing effort your business has not personally invested in.

Still, why not keep it cheap that way? You could even stand to gain more if you had an outsourced company target your current/past customers.

It’s an age-old rule of thumb in business: never neglect your current customers in favor of new ones. You’ll stand to lose more sales and revenue that way.

Still, does it feel wrong to use cheaper outsourcing to strengthen a business relationship? Wouldn’t that be like buying one’s lover the same, cheap Valentine’s Day card even though you’ve been together for years now?

Here’s the good news. You’re comparing apples to oranges. If you had outsourced lead generation to a good company, the chances are that they’ll be good enough to strengthen your old ties as much create new ones.

#1. Customers won’t really know the difference.

You’ve outsourced to a company that represents you. What makes you think they’re dumb enough to throw in their own company’s name when talking to your customers? They’re just there to facilitate the conversation. It’ll be like there was really nobody there in between your company and that of your customer’s.

#2. Their database is just as secure.

There are times when you provided your own contact data. There are also other times when an outsourced company lets you use their own data directly. Either way, no outsourced lead generation company can last without securing a core asset. Who are they going to call or email if they make sure that data doesn’t clash with their other clients? (Or worse, if it’s been compromised.) If you’ve got the right agreements and policies, you shouldn’t worry too much about protecting customer data.

#3. You gain even more with what you save

Again, the 80-20 rule. 80% of your sales come from 20% of your current clients. Now take that 80% and add it even further to the amount you’ve managed to save via outsourcing. The math shouldn’t be too hard.

More than that, there’s only so much good marketing can do to retain your customers without the support of what’s actually being marketed. If you’re looking to improve your products, then you’ll need to get as much bang for your buck whenever possible.

Renewing ties with your customers shows that you value them. You don’t make it any less than that simply by outsourcing another company whose only interest is to make sure you communicate.

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