The Other Way B2B Marketers Use Apps

There are moments in the sales process that can feel like you’ve stumbled in unknown territory. You’re alone with no idea where to go. Paranoia around objections, lack of lead data, and other inadequacies start creeping up as you read and reread prospect profiles.

But like in any survival situation, having the right tools makes all the difference. Apps, for example, can be the equivalent to a Swiss Army knife when lost within the sea of your sales process.

flash_m_laser_1200_900Organizing these marketing tools is also important as it creates your objectives for them and keep you focused on prospect communication.

  • Business Card Apps – Expect fewer card holders in everyone’s briefcases. Apps like CardMunch and CamCard are growing in popularity given their fast utilization of contact information. Apps that streamline processes like snapping pictures and converting business cards into customizable contact data can quicken other tasks like list management.
  • Rapportive Apps – Reach in out for the first time on email can be a lot less awkward with apps like Rapportive.  The app is a free Gmail extension that brings rich contact profiles right into interfaces with useful information such as what they recently shared on social media. This makes for good conversation starters and also comes with features that let you connect with that prospect from right within Gmail.
  • Organizer Apps – Organizers have never had it better. Apps like’s cloud based organizers give them access to information in real time. It also delivers log details from meetings, lets you view Salesforce dashboards, and respond to new leads. All the while you stay in touch with everyone at the office as if you never left.

When it comes to today’s B2B marketing, apps are often viewed as the means to convert users into prospects. However, that doesn’t you shouldn’t use some for yourself! A single one of these free apps can be the difference between meeting or missing quota and getting your business off the ground. You get to be an efficient lead generator and not break company budget at the same time!

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