What Appointment Setters Can Do When Your Sales Rep Just Really Feels Out of Place

From insurance to IT, appointment setters can occasionally make unlikely matches with prospects whose businesses make you feel out of place.

But in reality, the need for their respective services can still be greater than the division created by varying business cultures. Therefore, you’ve still got to make those calls or meet with ‘those’ people even when it feels like you’re going to look completely out of place. Is there any way that appointment setters can make this all a little less awkward?

The following tactics might help.

#1. Maximize the bare minimum.

If there’s really only little you can do to actively engage a target market, make the most of it. For example, if you can only follow one or two tips in using Facebook Place, be your best at just those two (e.g. sharing information about tradeshow appearances, location of offices, even ongoing promos).

#2. Find a more private place/means to meet.

If all you need is a phone conference, stick with that. Tell appointment setters to not pressure you about actually meeting face-to-face. And if you must (like for the sake of authenticity), use web conferencing tools or just set the meeting in a location where both parties can quickly discuss business and simply part ways.

#3. Focus on what you intend to offer.

You can also just focus on the value of your product and how it perfectly aligns with your prospect’s needs. It sounds ideal but it can be remarkably simple when you really present yourself as someone a prospect can consult on particular problems. And contrary to popular opinion, it only helps that you try and speak their language or use simpler analogies.

#4. Play along just a little bit.

If you don’t want it to get too personal, your best defense is actually loosening up a little. Is the appointment at a bar? Order a little something. Is the meeting over a Skype conference? Wear something that would make your prospects feel more comfortable and/or inspire confidence that they’re meeting the right people.

When you’re targeting a new market, feeling out of place when dealing with a prospect’s cultural side can actually be a bigger challenge than the technical side of the appointment setting process. It’s here that you really need to work on the people skills. But if there’s really only so much you can do, there’s hope for your appointment setters to help out.

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