What’s Summer Homework for B2B Marketers?

While everyone’s still having a blast at the beach, watching summer blockbusters, and spending time with the kids, it never hurts to prepare for what comes after.

For kids, it’s back to school. For you and your B2B marketers, it might very well be the same thing!

Summer may seem endless and carefree but don’t let that fool you. If anything, it might just serve to lull people into a false sense of security regarding their productivity. This applies to kids and adults (and thus, your B2B marketers). So how do schools deal with it? Answer: Summer homework.

In some cases, it’s a better investment of the inevitable free time you get once everyone starts taking a vacation here and there.

So even while you’re setting up a BBQ for the 4th of July, take the occasional chance to do some solid research work to improve your B2B marketing strategies. Some of it might not mean much now but they could make the difference once the fall season starts setting in. Take note of the following reminders:

  • Fast-changing market – There’s no question that technology (from mobile to social media) never stops changing the playing field. Even just regular updates on your business blog or checking updates from competitors can have a significant impact in the long run. Also, don’t forget the occasional emergency that might happen when you’re off duty.
  • Customers forget – It may not be too easily but that’s not a risk you should be willing to take (especially when the only thing they remember about you is in the office and summer puts their minds outside it). List down your best customers and make a few calls. Maybe you can do a quick survey or simply just thank them. The point is you need to show the rest of the world that your business isn’t completely offline.
  • Everyone’s always talking – Information travels everywhere these days. You get it through email. You get it through social media. Asides from just asking around, the internet offers a constant stream of resources that can help you keep up with a fast-changing market. Pay attention every now and then to learn something new.

Once you’ve done it all, try documenting it all somewhere. Put links to resources on your laptop. Ready a few presentations to give once you get back. Just as kids have their summer homework to do, B2B marketers shouldn’t slack with their own.

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