Where’s the CTRL+Z in Your Appointment Setting Campaign?

Miscommunication is still a natural part of appointment setting. Even in an age where technology vividly communicates our thoughts, users themselves still mess up with those very same devices. Words get chopped. Schedules get bugged. A bit of correction and repetition will always be in order at some point in your campaign.

But exactly how and how often do you have to clean up such a mess? It’s that not easy to always dive into your records and change information. Eventually, you’ll just have to push through regardless.

can_i_has_ctrl_z_-445x278This can be quite true in telemarketing where it’s nigh impossible to change a voice recording but highly likely to misinterpret it. No one’s perfect so don’t think too poorly or highly of yourself all the time. There’s both a way to fix things and way to keep the campaign going in spite of it.

Find the ‘Continue’ button

When things need to move forward, they have to move forward. No exceptions. But again, the question is how?

First, figure out why you need to move forward. Are you running out of time? Does your prospect have other things to attend to? In any case, make sure you don’t waste any more time apologizing. For example, avoid being disruptive when reporting the errors. Make some space for them to think it over (and hopefully, simmer down). Focus on creating a solution instead of just hanging your head.

Bowing down and apologizing doesn’t get lost time back. So instead of wasting more while pointing fingers, keep running the campaign!

Handle changes with flexibility

As you apologize and ramify, do the latter quickly (especially when it’s an issue of misinterpretation). Avoid missing any more details. Don’t get panicky either as that will only incite more tempers to flare and more mistakes to be made.

Laying down the problems and addressing them effectively will show your prospects how serious you are and how much you really care about serving them. Ask them about their schedule again and prepare for more adjustment on your end.

Keep a closer watch from now on

When you’ve finally talked it over with your prospects, make sure to really keep a sharper eye every action you take. Again, more eye on detail so that you won’t make the same mistake twice.

It’s no lie that first impressions last but by no means are they stronger than any future impression. Show them that a slight hiccup or two won’t hinder anything. People will always look forward when there is hope for everything. Show your prospects that they can still do what they had believed you are capable of doing.

There might come a time when even appointment setting errors of today will be a thing of the past. Newer generations adopt newer communication technologies all the time. But just as email is today has shown to be full of flaws, there will also come a point when miscommunication occurs in some new shape or form. In the end, they’ll still have to keep moving forward.

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